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had sing this council man was shot just two doors town. michael brown 18 years old, people are tired and they are ready for some peace, the ready for real discussion, and perhaps attorney general eric holder's ovisit, and the promise of change, and an open dialog and discussion, not only about police tactics but race, and economic disparity in america, is ready to happen. and people are set. david. >> robert, thank you for that great piece about the situation there, and the late news about how things are going tonight. the piment gone released details today about the attempted rescue of journalist james foley and other hostages held by the state group. defense secretary says the secret mission was flawless, but no hostages tajes were there. he also said the group was better funded the organized than anything they had seen, the group has attracted thousands of young men from around the world, many of them werners. roxanne that reports. the last voice james foley heard was his killers the u.k. says it probably longed to a man who was british. >> far too many british citizens have trave
or whether the national guard goes or stays. we begin with michael brown senior. earlier today i spoke with both of them along with their attorney bing minuenjamin crump. this is every parent's worst nightmare. mike, how do you get through each day? >> i don't. i just glide through, i can see him physically moving around again in my life. >> you still see him at times? >> yeah, yeah but physically i won't see that, you know, that's a heart breaker for me. painful. you know, i just -- i can't really explain how i really feel about this, you know. >> leslie, does it seem real? >> nope. >> it still doesn't? how are you getting through each day? >> prayer, family, support. >> that's what is keeping you going? you both met with the attorney general yesterday, eric holder. how was that? did he say to you? >> he just kind of talked to us from a man with kids h s himsel perspective. >> he talked to you as parent? >> yes. >> did it help? >> he has our support, you know, he's supporting us and he said he's not going to -- it's not going to stop. he's going to help us all the way through, so that
calls out the race hustlerslike al sharpton for trying to capitalize on the death of michael browne. >> why is that acceptable? >> this attorney general and this department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> his role in the michael browning case could be threatening the integrity of the multiple investigation into the shooting. dana pirino will give her analysis. >> we will do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentlessless. >> the obama administration reveals a failed operation to rescue captured americans in syr syria. are leaks like this jeopardy diesing future -- >> caution, i got a man curry, the factor begins right now. >> i'm greg gutfeld in for bill o'reilly. take a listen to some of what bill had to say. >> in 2012, the last stats available from the fbi, there were about 12 million arrests in the usa. that averages out to 34,000 arrests per day. in 99.9% of those cases, the perpetrator was not killed by police. in fact, just over 400 fatal police shootings a year are recorded in this country, according to to the fbi. s
investiga el caso de michael brown. >> el Único que lo puede destituir es el gobernador nixon, que ordenÓ a la guardia nacional que se fuera retirando sistemÁticamente de ferguson segÚn el gobernador, desde que llegaron el lunes, los manifestantes han disminuido. >> imÁgenes de impacto, son perturbadoras son el momento en que unos pistoleros irrumpieron en un mercado en california y abrieron fuego impactando en un tanque de gas. no contento con estos destrozos continuaron disparando y una persona de 62 aÑos perdiÓ la vida, mientras otros dos resultaron heridas. aunque lograron escapar los policÍas estÁn tras su pista. >> una recompensa de 5000 $ ofrece un dueÑo de un centro de reciclaje. que ayude a la captura de dos ladrones, que asaltaron a punta de pistola. los malhechores llevaban los uniformes de la compaÑÍa y sabÍan dÓnde estaba la caja por lo que sospechan que un empleado fue su cÓmplice. >> se suspenden las clases en sonora mÉxico por un derrame en uno de los rÍos. las autoridades suministran agua potable a la poblaciÓn y esperan poder abrir las escuelas en una sem
heenan is here with an update on the shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. and the tensions in ferguson. >> catherine: the unrest in ferguson has eased to the point that the national guard is beginning to leave. >> catherine: since the guard's arrival monday - the town that's been the scene of nightly flare-ups and violence is a more quiet place. but questions over the august 9th shooting of michael brown are only beginning. >> catherine: overnight in ferguson -- the since michael brown was shot and killed 12 days ago. >> catherine: protestors were out - but only six people were arrested. >> catherine: a very different scene from the night before. when this video caught an angry st. ann police officer pointing his gun at the crowd. >>"my hands are up bro.go f* * yourself." >> catherine: a st. louis county police sgt. stepped in to defuse the situation. that officer has now been suspended indefinitely. >> catherine: getting some of the credit for turning things around -- attorney general eric holder. >> catherine: his wednesday visit included a private meeting with michael brown's parent
of national guard troops. [ chanting ] >> a group of protesters demanding justice for michael brown delivered thousands of signatures. they want the prosecutor looking into the shooting of the unarmed teenager to step down because several numbers of his family work for law enforcement. the naacp is also calling for a special prosecutor to investigate. the funeral for michael brown is scheduled for monday. there are also protests here in the bay area in san francisco and oakland tonight all part of what is called a national day of rage. ktvu's paul chambers is downtown with more. >> as you said there was a protest scheduled but there is no one here on the plaza. some people are getting tired of the protests, they say here we go again. but the people taking action in these protests that are peaceful protests say they are needed and they will keep doing it to keep it as a reminder. >> reporter: it has been two weeks since michael brown was shot and killed by a st. louis police officer. since then people have held protests, still some people question why protest if the shooting didn't happen here
to recuse himself. he's saying he's not going to recuse himselves from the case, shooting of michael brown. he thinks that would be a dereliction of duty on his part. he says you have the authority to order him off case. i have to read you some of the quotes because he's been pointed in what what he said about you. your refusal to say definitelytively one way or the other if you're going to appoint a special prosecutor is nixonian double speak, you're hiding everything except the cover you pulled over your head, man up, stand up, say i have this authority, i'm not removing mccolloch, i'm not removing mccolloch. what's your response? >> you want to rely on the pillars of our democracy. one of the pillars is having local prosecutors, the other is having transparency. we have both. a local elected prosecutor who, no, i'm not going to take him off the case. he's going to -- he said he's -- >> you're saying that now. you are not going to appoint a special prosecutor? >> right. no. i'm not. plus you, in this situation, have the secondary advantage here of having attorney general of the united st
whether the police officer who shot michael brown should be charged with a crime. and demonstrators have been calling on the prosecutor handling the investigation to step down. robert ray joins us with the latest. >> good evening, you can see behind me the streets are very calm as the sun is going down in ferguson. also police units starting to arrive, awaiting the protesters that will come out tonight. it's about 95 degrees as we speak right now, and humid, very hot, but you can see the boarded up windows of some of the local businesses across the street from me. there's even entrepreneurs, selling t-shirts in honor and respect of 18-year-old mike brown who was shot and killed just two blocks away, actually right down the street here. the national guard are on their way out. by my count there's about six or seven vehicles there still, and they are packing up and leaving. and the country pos cuter under a lot of pressure to get off of the case. his father was a police officer and was shot and killed in the call of duty out on the street by a black man, so a lot of the people here think t
darren wilson sustained the day he fatally shot michael brown. is this a gail chanme changer? why police departments around the nation are using weapons meant for the battlefield. and the ransom isis demanded for the release of james foley. the man who communicated with his captors joins us tonight. let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight the breaking news. we have new information about officer darren wilson's injuries the day he shot and killed mike brown. a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation tells cnn that darren wilson had a, quote, swollen face and that he went to the hospital to be treated for that injury. x-rays were taken. but -- and this is crucial -- the source tells cnn that darren wilson did not have a fractured eye socket. that contradicts reports from other news organizations. so will a swollen face save darren wilson from indictment? we have a full report on this as well as that crucial kill shot to mike brown's head. but first we go to the ground in ferguson and our stephanie elam. a group starting to gather at the
michael brown's shooting. questions remain over whether governor nixon will act on calls to remove the st. lewis county prosecutor as well, oversees the brown case, and whether attorney general eric holder himself has prejudged the case. fox news correspondent mike tobin, live in ferguson, missouri tonight with the repo report. >> reporter: demonstrators are largely unaware of or unimpressed by the visit of u.s. attorney general eric holder. >> he gets a d -minus. >> holder promised a fast, and thorough investigation into the date of mike brown, assuring the black community that things will get better. >> out this tragedy comes a great opportunity for reforming that community. >> reporter: in ferguson holder told students, when he was a young wel lawyer he was stoppeda new jersey turnpike by police, and forced out of hid car, he promises his investigation of the police will be fair. black leaders in ferguson held a press conference announcing tkhr*e petitiotheir petition thh be removed from the case, because he comes from a law enforcement fam like his father, a troop irwas killed by a bl
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. the demonstrations began after the august 9th shooting of michael brown by a white police officer. brown's parents spoke after meeting with eric holder. he launched a federal investigation into their son's death. >> the words came directly from his mouth, face-to-face, he made me feel like one day i will, and i'm not saying today or yesterday, but one day, they will get my trust. >> also today, a group delivered 70,000 signatures calling for the prosecutor in this case to be removed because of his family ties with st. louis police. the prosecutor says he has no conflict of interest and will not remove himself. >>> another bank was brought to justice for loan practices years ago that contributed to the financial collapse and forced americans into foreclosure. >> is this the justice that is helping those that were harmed? nick smith is live from richmond. nick? >> larry, ama, good afternoon. i'm north of i-580 in richmond. today, bank of america settled with the justice department for $16.5 billion for their role in the home mortgage stan dal. today, many in this community, the hardest hit by the cr
, tensions continue over the investigation into michael brown's death. it will continue obviously. plus, the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell on the stand offering what he calls an anger-ravaged marriage. sounds like divorce court. to enjoy that, stick around. it's embarrassing but something to watch. and a defiant rick perry in washington, d.c. today fighting back against his indictment. this weekend he's off to new hampshire, by the way. could his legal troubles back home in texas which are partisan when it comes to investigation is helping him politically. finally, a reminder tonight that we have a tough election coming up this fall. you've got to get registered, get planning and vote. nobody watch the show unless you are going to vote. you saw what happened in ferguson when you don't vote. this is "hardball" , the place for politics. >>> senator claire mchaskill of missouri announced she'll lead a senate hearing into what's called the militarization of local police departments. the issue has been a hot one after days of clashes, sometimes violent, between p
violated michael brown's civil rights when the teenager was shot and killed. >> i've seen a lot in my time as attorney general, but few things have affected me as greatly as my visit to ferguson. >> reporter: police have claimed wilson was assaulted before the shooting. today, a senior official familiar with the investigation told nbc news wilson was taken to a hospital for treatment. now attention turns to the grand jury proceeding. >> how dare you tell me i can't go up -- >> reporter: protesters tried to present 70,000 petition signatures calling for the removal of prosecutor robert mcculloch. his critics claim he's biased toward police. his mother and numerous relatives work for the police. his father, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty. >> may be a very fierce advocate for victims of violence, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of their status in life. >> reporter: also today ferguson's determination to win. high school football team back on the field. but schools here still closed because of the unrest. the nfl st. louis rams opened up their practice field. >> t
abusos asegura que aquÍ hubo un componente racial, como en el caso de michael brown. >> es una cuestiÓn que la policÍa ve alguien de color en las calles y lo mira de una forma donde tienen el derecho de matarlo en lugar de tratar de implementar otras cosas. >> reconoce que los agentes cumplieron con el protocolo, pero muchas leyes no son las mejores y necesitan ser modificadas. >> son situaciones de mucha tensiÓn en que las decisiones se toman en apenas segundos y no siempre con los mejores resultados. los expertos coinciden que no se debe generalizaro cada caso se debe ver en forma individual y ser investigado. lo que ocurre en missouri no es la exceprciÓn. >> la patrulla de caminos de california en fresno estÁ en el banquillo de los acusados. uniforme de derechos humanos asegura qu los oficiales detauvieron a conductores y laes incautaron sus autos basados en perfil social. el reporte seÑala que las victimas de la prÁctica son mayormente hispanos. >> para quienes levantan cosechas en el valle central de california manejar es una necesidad y una aventura. si los para las patrulla
. >>> back here at home, to ferguson, missouri, and the sign of chaos after michael brown's death may be subsiding. the governor requested for a systemic withdrawal of the national guard. the mood was calmer and the crowds were smaller. >>> tonight, there's new questions about crisis and punishment in the financial risk that brought a lot of the america's families and america to the brink. a record penalty, $16.65 billion. what does the bank admit they did? abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, has been talking to his sources all day. >> reporter: today, bank of america admitted to massive fraud. fraud that cost thousands of americans their homes. >> bank of america, merrill lynch, and countryside, each engaged in pervasive schemes to defraud financial institutions and other investors. >> reporter: the junk loans were packaged as good investments. when they failed, it led to a tsunami of bankrupters and foreclosures. igniting the great recession. >> it's like going to your neighborhood grocery store, to buy milk that's advertised as fresh, only to discover that store empl
the latest on that. can can prosecutor looking into the killing of michael brown, has released aretives in the police department he is supposed to investigate, but says he will not step aside, a closer look, next. can can to join the islamic state. tensions in ferguson omissouri appear to be calming down, there were demonstrations today. calling for the prosecutor leading the investigation into michael brown shooting to be removed from the case. natasha has that part of the story. >> protestors say, 70,000 people from missouri and all over the world have spoken. their message to st. louis county prosecutor withdraw from the michael brown his family multigenerational ties to the st. louis police department will impede his ability to handle the case fairly. his father was st. louis police officer, killed in the line of duty by an african-american man. >> i know the pain of that, is the fact that he was a police officer and killed in the line of duty, had nothing to to with any of that. what it did to me, and did it effect me, absolutely effected me. is what it did for me, is or to me,
the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. if the police officer who shot brown was wearing a camera, would it have made a difference? did it have prevented these mass protests? -- could it have prevented these mass protests? police one is a news portal for law enforcement officers. doug, you have been covering these cameras for many years now. we are just sort of realizing it exists. as far as we know, the officers in ferguson may be had access to a couple of these cameras but they weren't using them yet. >> yes. it is my understanding, and i have not been able to independently confirm it, that ferguson pd may have been testing and evaluating some cameras. it is abundantly clear now in the past couple of weeks that there has been no evidence released, clearly the officer in question at the time of that shooting was probably not wearing one of those cameras. >> you actually brought in a few things to demonstrate to us. what are the options available? >> there are many options. five years ago there were probably only a handful. now there are probably 10 companies. not quite exactly 10
deployed monday, amid the unrest over the police shooting of michael brown. meanwhile, u.s. attorney general eric holder urged americans everywhere to address tensions between minorities and police. he spoke a day after visiting ferguson to talk with local residents and investigators. >> the national outcry we have seen speaks to a sense of mistrust and mutual suspicion that can take hold in the relationship between law enforcement and certain communities. i wanted the people of ferguson to know that i personally understood that mistrust. i wanted them to know that while so much else may be uncertain, this attorney general and the department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> woodruff: the streets of ferguson were relatively calm overnight in a further sign that tensions are easing some. small crowds demonstrated peacefully and only six people were arrested. police also announced that of the 163 people arrested to date, only seven live in ferguson. meanwhile, a police officer-- seen in this amateur video-- was suspended for pointing a semi- automatic rifle at a crowd o
nixon. the prosecutor in charge of the michael brown investigation is raising all kinds of questions from the community on whether he can deliver a fair investigation. this comes as things seem to be calming down in ferguson today. missouri governor jay nixon today ordered the state national guard to withdraw from the city. that after what captain ron johnson called a very good night in ferguson. but passions are still running high over whether the investigation into the michael brown shooting will be fair. right now, it's up to st. louis county prosecuting attorney bob mcculloch to bring charges against darren wilson, the officer that killed mr. michael brown. grand jury is hearing evidence, but many in the community are not confident in this prosecutor. today, state senator jamil jamiljamila jamila nasheed delivered a petition for the prosecutor to recuse himself. >> i am here today to deliver 70,000 signatures. [ applause ] those signatures basically are coming from everywhere throughout this country. worldwide. people have made a statement. >> but when she went to de
an officer shot and killed 18 year old michael brown almost two weeks ago the nights have brought continual protests and often violence. brown was not armed. but police say he attacked the officer. a grand jury is now determining if charges will be filed against that officer darrin wilson. the grand jury's decision is not expected for a the least a mon month. >> the two americans being treated for ebola are both out of the hospital tonight. one is speaking out dr. kent brantly says today is a miraculous us will day. official claim that are release poses no pub look health risk. brantly got experimental treatments and now after three weeks in the hospital, doctors say he is ebola free. the american mission they are became infected while caring for ebola victims in west africa. >> pray for liberia and the people of west africa and encourage those in positions of leadership and influence to do everything possible to bring this ebola outbreak to an end. >> brantly says his faith and good medical care saved his life. he came down with symptom right after he accept his family on a flight back to
death of michael brown. tonight the st. louis county prosecutor says he won't remove himself from the case amid calls from protesters for his ouster. leanne gregg has the latest. >> reporter: signs of de-escalation in ferguson, missouri. calm demonstrations overnight, only a few arrests compared with dozens earlier. the missouri governor today said it is safe to withdraw the national guard sent in monday to protect the law enforcement command center. that after demonstrations in the past two weeks often turn violent can gun fire, tear gas, fear and chaos. >> i hope the calm we witnessed last night can be enduring. >> reporter: protesters demanding to be heard. >> citizens of missouri are outraged at what has taken place. >> reporter: a citizens coalition wants charges to be filed against the officer who killed michael brown. they want retrofitting them. among recipients of free equipment dozens of firearms for each department. >>> if you have a tip to share we invite you to visit our website. >>> a little girl died to make her entrance this morning. everybody seems to be doing qui
a night of relative calm. a handful of people were required in the quietest of night cents michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. for thee fundraiser officer has raised more than $130,000. another four michael brown's $115,000 inaised seven days. a lot of people talking about these funds on the wjla facebook page. we invite you to a town hall special on the issues raised by the outrage in ferguson. america reacts on our sister station news channel 8 and on tonight, a dispute between a landlord and his tenants leaves two men under arrest and four people on the run. where policeive said the landlord hired five people to force them to leave. what is the story? this all unfolded after a 72-year-old woman came running out of this home behind me and started banging on a neighbor's window screaming for help. police say this man, martin winepol, is facing charges including conspiracy to commit robbery after they say he hired someone to scared to tenants out of the home. >> they came into her residence and took her property. pushed her and her son out of the door and sai
that shot and killed unarmed teenager michael brown two weeks ago. and today, protesters delivered a petition calling for the removal of the prosecutor in the case. because he's got family on the police force. after eleven nights of violence, only six arrests there last night. in the mean time, cbs news new york times pole out today shows 41% of americans are satisfied with president obama's response to the violence in ferguson. 34% are dissatisfied. >>> in alexandria, african americans weren't allowed to use the public library. >> the city paid tribute to the men that put their own bodies on the line to change that. it's a little known milestone that's still relevant today. >> in missouri more than a week of protests remind us america still struggles with race and poverty. but in alexandria organizers are joyfully commemorating the 75th anniversary of the civil rights protest that helped set the tone for decades of non- violent demonstrations at lunch counters and on the streets. 96-year-old ferdinand day was friends with the five men who risked their lives on the principle that
to the neighborhood were 18-year-old michael brown was shot dead by police 12 days ago. been to gaza israeli airstrikes have killed three top hamas commanders. another four palestinian children have also been killed in a separate strike. we look at the devastating impact the israeli assault has had on children. some were watching television and others were asleep. when i woke up, i was in the ambulance and then they took me to the hospital. that is what i remember. i stayed in the hospital for four days. >> at least 467 palestinian children have died in gaza since the israeli offensive began. we will speak with pernille ironside, chief of unicef's gaza field office. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. .'m amy goodman peaceful protest continued last night in ferguson, missouri over the fatal police shooting of unarmed african-american teenager michael brown. prosecutors have begun presenting evidence before a grand jury to determine whether the officer who shot around, darren wilson, will face crumpled charges. for now,
of michael brown in missouri. he was not killed by a gun violent, but a police officer. sad leannetonio is one of -- antonio is one of hundreds of victims in chicago. 30 of them this month, a half dozen, 18 or younger, if this were white on black murders it would be hate crimes or attempt genocide, but these murderers are given a free pass, they became martyrs and the real victims and poverty and guns take th the blame. antonio used to stay in doors for most of the summer and listen to his favorite music his mom spoke out to the people of chicago, she says, i'm praying for the whole sea right now -- city right now, i don't want any other parent to go through this, this pain will never go away, until we are shocked and outrage and determineed to stop black on black murders. and because there are no protests, no riots no visible anguish in the air, tonight, i demand the name of the killer of antonio smith, i demand, leaders and media of america. quit making excuses. you become more of an acomp less when do you this, it was a great show. anybody have anything last word. >> you on pins and
made before killing folly. also the lawyer from michael brown's family talks to us about the investigation into the death, and the reaction, and we will have on ^t two americans released from the hospital after recovering ebola, i all of that and more coming up. haiti, october 2010, at a hospital in a small, rural town north of the capital. these were the first victims of a horrific, unknown disease in a country still reeling from a devastating earthquake. patients were dying in the space of a few hours. children were especially vulnerable. al jazeera was the first news channel on the scene. in the following days and weeks we tracked the epidemic as it ripped across the country. leaving dozens, then hundreds, and soon thousands of haitians dead in its wake. i'd reported from war zones for years - and from haiti since a day after the earthquake - but this was a new disaster that shocked the world. cholera had somehow arrived in haiti - and it wasn't long before rumors that un nepalese peacekeepers were involved led us to a base on the banks of the country's largest river.
is promising a full investigation and into the unarmed black teenager michael brown by a white lease officer. the police have been criticized for their military style approach. one officer has been suspended indefinitely for pointing his military style assault rifle at demonstrators. >> an inflammatory threat from an officer deployed to keep the peace. policemen in ferguson repeatedly pointed his weapon at protesters and members of the media. >> later gunned down. -- lay your gun down. >> stop pointing your gun! away by eventually led the county police sergeant. the authorities say the actions werehe officer involved deplorable and he has been suspended indefinitely. behavior that disrespected his uniform and all the men and women who come out here each and every day in a dedicated effort to keep ferguson a better place for all. >> tensions between residents and the local police have seen street protests turn violent since the shooting of an unarmed black teenager almost two weeks ago. dozens have been arrested. riot police have fired tear gas. shootinge concerns the of a second black man on
killing folly. also the lawyer from michael brown's family talks to us about the investigation into the death, and the reaction, and we will have on ^t two americans released from the hospital after recovering ebola, i all of that and more coming up. haiti, october 2010, at a hospital in a small, rural town north of the capital. these were the first victims of a horrific, unknown disease in a country still reeling from a devastating earthquake. patients were dying in the space of a few hours. children were especially vulnerable. al jazeera was the first news channel on the scene. in the following days and weeks we tracked the epidemic as it
are ordered to withdraw from ferguson as a new witness and michael brown's parents speak out to cnn about the shooting and its aftermath. >> [ bleep ]. >> new video of the deadly police shooting a few miles from ferguson in which officers killed a man who advanced on them allegedly waving a knife. and i was sleeper cells. as we learn more about the brutal murder of an american and the failed raid to free him, there are new concerns about the terror group's ability to strike on u.s. soil. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm brianna keeler. you're in "the situation room." >> the parents of slain teen michael brown speak out to cnn and a stunning new look at a police officer threatening protesters. here are the latest developments. missouri's governor orders the national guard to start withdrawing from ferguson saying troops have successfully carried out their mission. that follows a fence menning visit by attorney general eric holder who met with brown's parents. holder today is vowing a fair and thorough federal investigation and brown's parents tell anderson cooper that holder's visit made a d
and provide justice to darren wilson and michael brown's family. >> he's a black man so i think he has a pretty good sense of what's going on. the community feels very much -- >> no, no, don't get me wrong. knock yourself out if you want to do that. but if he's going there on a fact-finding mission as to whether or not there will be a federal indictment, if he's going to do that, then him being black or white or brown or asian whatever, has no relevance whatsoever. >> the one of the facts in ferguson is the people don't trust the cops. that's a fact. >> then fix that later. >> how is eric holder making it better by interjecting race into it in a personal >> it's a story about race. >> bear with me here. he's supposed to be impartial. he's supposed to go there to seek justice, to help with the investigation, and not to interject his own personal experience. that is not the job of any prosecutor, let alone the attorney general of the united states. >> this was a black issue to begin with. >> he stands with the people of ferguson. what about the people of ferguson that work for the police
blowout fracture of his eye socket and was he beaten severely by michael brown. >> the the orbital eye socket that was fractured and was nearly beaten unconscious. >> the source tells us pretty much crushed his eye socket. >> they've not been able to confirm that. >> the information coming from at gateway pundit. >> a well-placed source tells fobbing >> according to multiple reports. >> the source tells us. >> it has been reported -- >> we also hear a source telling fox news exclusively the only reporting the alleged injury to demonstrate that there will be much more to come in this case. >> does he not know that this officer a broken osh bittal eye socket. >> the source -- >> the source in the story tells us -- ♪ ♪ >> good to have you with us today, folks. thanks for watching. we begin tonight with the evolving narrative in the shooting death of michael brown. now, a number of news websites are reporting that officer darren wilson suffered a facial injury in a confrontation with brown before the shooting. the blaze reports officer wilson was beaten nearly unconscious. ne
in st. louis that sparked outrage and violence in the community after michael brown's death. >>> an online sting. police bust a man target child. the video police say caught him in the act. >>> also, painkiller changes. the new rules that will keep one popular pill out of the hands of abusers. >>> an ocean county man is facing animal cruelty charges in the death of his dog. a grand jury indicted the man from toms river. investigators found his dog dead inside a carrier in age it was attacked to the exhaust pipe of robbins' car by a hose. >>> new video shows the events leading up to the shooting death of a st. louis man allegedly wielding a knife in front of officers. according to police, the suspect took energy drinks and pastries from this convenience store and after police responded to the scene, they say the suspect was acting erratically and had a steak knife in his hand. when the officers order the 23-year-old to drop that knife, he refused and shouted, "shoot me now, kill me now ""this happened miles from ferguson where an unarmed team was shot by police this month. to
arrests. there are 163 arrests there since police fatally shot michael brown on august 9th, eric holder met with the residents of ferguson yesterday. >> wanted the people of ferguson know that i personally understand the mistrust and i wanted them to know that while so much else is nc, this attorney general and this department of justice stand with the people of ferguson. >> a grand jury began determining evidence to determine if the man that shot brown will face charges for the incident. >>> now a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. lets go to matt pellman, and checkup on things tonight. we'll gear up for the birds game and we are not flying on the way fro tviet extrhe northboundnotoo barosspoint bril ilaaty, because thrket fran s game.n e many the bdrk ss trah limerick at 422. and a plethoraems in ne a crasd there is much more to come tonight on "action news" at 5:00, one of two american aid workers has recovered from ebola. hear from the patient himself in health check. >>> and an ups store could have had their credit card information stolen. those stories and
of the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. police say labors has been suspended indefinitely. >> meantime missouri governor orders the national guard to begin withdrawing from ferguson. the guard got there on monday to try and gain control of violent protests. police say protests last night were relatively calm. yesterday a grand jury began looking at evidence to determine whether the officer who shot 18 year old michael brown darrin wilson should be charged. >> closer to home atlantic city police officers have started wearing body cameras. about five officers at a time will be equipped with a devices which record video and audio after an officer activates it. the video is up loaded after the officers shift comes to an end. >> happening right now, fans are getting ready for the taney dragons to take to the field again tonight. they are up against a team from chicago and a must within game. they are battling to advance to the u.s. championship game on saturday. of course, the stakes are high but so is our faith in them. >> that's right. the team pulled out victories in in this
que estÁ investigando a el policÍa que matÓ a michael brown. >> el Único que lo puede destituir es el gobernador, que dijo que la guardia se puede retirar de ferguson. >> perturbadoras son las imÁgenes de el momento en que unos pistoleros abrieron fuego, impactando un tanque de gas, una persona de 62 aÑos perdiÓ la vida, mientras otros dos resultaron heridos. los malhechores lograrÁn escapar, pero la policÍa estÁ tras su pista. >> y una recompensa de 5000 $ por informaciÓn que ayude a la captura de los ladrones que asaltaron su negocio. una cÁmara captÓ a los delincuentes mientras golpeaban y amenazaban a los delincuentes. sospechan que algÚn empleado es su cÓmplice. >> podrÍa ser suspendido de su cargo un fiscal que fue captado mientras colocaba falsa evidencia en un allanamiento. se grabÓ con un telÉfono celular, el momento en el que funcionario quita un arma y la pone sobre una cama. al parecer se tratÓ de una venganza contra el dueÑo de la vivienda. >> aunque tienen diferentes edades, y se fugaron en fechas distintas, tienen algunas similitudes, a
killing of 18-year-old michael brown earlier this month in ferguson missouri. wusa 9 has a crew monitoring the events at the white house to bring you live reports at 7:00 and 11:00. marley hall is live from missouri calling for protesters in the case to step aside. >> you don't stop a person from going into a building. >> these protesters met resistance as they tried to deliver petitions calling for the removal of bob mcula from the michael brown case. after the brief confrontation, organizers were allowed to deliver the documents which they say contained 70,000 signatures. >> we know not going to step aside. to do so is to say that he's biased and that he can not be fair and impartial. and he's not going to say that. but we will. >> reporter: critics say they have no confidence in mcula who has family members on the police force. >> he has a history of showing bias. and we don't think that this case is going to get a fair trial. >> reporter: in a statement, mcula reiterated that he has no intention of walking away from his responsibilitie
of removing himself from the michael brown case. he is calling on the governor to decide whether he should step aside. >> some question the prosecutor's ability to be unbiassed because of family connections in the police department. a grand jury is in the second day of listening to evidence in the case and the hearing could go on for weeks. >>> the national guard starting to pack up and leave ferguson after a fairly peaceful night. only six people were arrested last night compared to 47 arrests the night before. nbc's craig melvin has the latest on the mood in ferguson today. >> reporter: good day to you guys from ferguson. i can tell you this has been a very, very different day. we have only seen maybe 15 or 20 protesters out throughout the course of the afternoon. as you know last night just six arrested compared to 47 arrests on monday. we get the sense on the ground that the tide may be about to turn here. law enforcement officials have told me that they feel good about where they are in terms of managing the protests and managing the unrest that we have seen so much of over the past t
tend to believe that all hell is about to break loose. >> the circumstances surrounding michael brown's death are still unclear. it is unlikely that the purchase of guns will help to restore calm. >> some spectacular footage from the germany rally. the team slid off the road, took a roll together. count how many times they roll before coming to a stop. there they are, they are still rolling. here is another view from inside the cockpit. a few expletives we had to bleep out. the very comfortable ride. and there they have to check with each other to make sure that everything was all right. i think they were amazed that they were still alive. both walked away unhurt from this. just a little bit of a shock. >> one way to crush those grapes. not recommended for everybody. gg99Ññwçç >> fighting between israel and hamas rages on. a predawn airstrike has killed three members of the armed wing. have and five members vowed to make israel pay. the strikes left a wife and baby dead. commanders have been targeted in the past few days. >> the reason israel targeted them was because it was able
michael brown's death, they also plan to call for the officer who shot and killed him to be prosecuted. the group anonymous has called for a nationwide day of rage protest, demonstrations are expected to take place nearly 40 cities from boston and new york, in the north east to cities in the south and southwest, and over into san francisco, in the west. we are getting a new look at a deadly shooting that took place a few miles from ferguson, we want to warn you that some of the video you are about to see you may find disturbing. protestors say that 70,000 people -- >> that's the wrong fame, we will show you the video, it is the st. louis city police release add video of a shooting on tuesday, by a man, police say that powell moved towards officers with a knife and showed it them to shoot me already, powell died at the scene, but the vid seems to undercut can part of the con tex that he was either lunging at police, or that he was right there up close next to them, there you see the shooting of him, and certainly died right there on the sidewalk. powell was suspected of stealing donuts
department to lead the investigation into michael brown's killing. what does this congressman want to see done? i will ask him coming up next. , and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain. this is humira helping me lay the groundwork. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to r.a. symptoms. humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. [ male announcer ] humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, o
9 shooting death of michael brown. the investigation i launched more than a week ago. during the course of my visit, i met with law enforcement as well as community leaders. we had constructive discussions about the importance of maintaining peace, diverting future acts of violence or vandalism and ensuring public safety as well as the need for outreach and engagement to rebuild a fractured trust between community and the law enforcement community that it serves. going forward i will continue to get regular updates and closely monitor the situation as it unfolds. although our investigation will take time, though i cannot discuss the specifics of this case in greater details since it remains open and active, the people of ferguson can have confidence in the federal agents investigators and prosecutors who are leading this process. our investigation will be fair. it will be thorough. it will be independent. i've seen a lot in my times as attorney general but a few things have affected me as greatly as my visit to ferguson. i had the chance to meet with the family of michael bro
. >> there have been reports that a police officer was beaten in his police car by a young michael brown before michael brown was shot. do you know anything more about that? and if it proved to be accurate, would that be a game-changer? >> reporter: it could very well be a game-changer. i have been told that the officer did receive injuries to his face. it could be a game-changer in one of two ways. one, clearly if the officer had to discharge his weapon to protect himself and he reasonably believed his life was in danger, he can do it at the call. the big question mark in this is going to be this change of his weapon in means of brown, was he running toward him or running after brown? that's going to have to be figured out by the grand jury at this stage. but i've got to tell you, if i was that police officer, i would be deeply concerned. because it seems as though there is no justice, that justice is tilted toward the brown family there and not toward the police officer. and what i'm looking for is equity. equity for the police officer. if the police officer did something wrong, fine, get him
to the protests of the police shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. a peaceful rally outside the county courthouse delivered a petition of 70,000 signatures calling for the removal of st. louis county prosecutor bob mcculloch from his deep ties to the department. >> the people, they don't believe he would do the right thing. they don't have the confidence that's needed and that's why we have 70,000 signatures that we will be delivering to him today. >> there was a moment of tension when state senator jamila nasheed was blocked from trying to enter the courthouse with the signatures. >> as for the prosecutor, bob mccan culloch remains firm that he will remain on the case. >> although i strongly believe that such action would be a mistake on the part of the governor, i do urge all seeking my removal to express those demands to the governor. only the governor can answer this question. >> despite ongoing tensions, the mood in ferguson has been less volatile in the past 24 hours. this afternoon governor thingson ordered the national guard to begin withdrawing ending the role in the growing p
. this as a grand jury begins hearing evidence in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. >> we demand that darren wilson, the officer involved in the shooting death of michael brown, be immediately fired from the ferguson police department instead of remaining on paid leave. >> also today, demands from protestors in clayton, missouri, hundreds of people gathered there, calling for officer dar.wilson to be fired, charged and prosecutered. the group also wants st. louis's prosecuting attorney off the case them also called for the federal government to investigate the policies and practices of police throughout that state. >>> authorities in ferguson say last night's crowds of protesters were much smaller than they have been since michael brown was killed. police say there were no fires, no shootings and officers use nod tear gas or mace. attorney general eric holder visited ferguson wednesday and melt with federal officials investigating brown's death. holder met with brown's parents. >>> school starts in 12 days for students in camden. city officials there have been working all summer
has subsided but the investigations into the death of 18-year-old michael brown are far from over. leanne gregg is live in ferguson with the latest. >> reporter: the governor says the withdrawal of the military will be systematic and coordinated with the highway patrol. protesters in the community say there are still many unresolved issues. signs of de-escalation in ferguson, missouri. calm demonstrations. only a few arrests compared with dozens earlier. the missouri governor says it is safe to withdraw the national guard sent to protect the law enforcement command center after demonstrations in the past two weeks often turned violent with gun fire, tear gas. >> i hope the calm we witnessed can be enduring. >> reporter: moving away from violence but protesters demanding to be heard. >> our citizens of missouri are outraged at what has taken place. >> reporter: a citizen's coalition wts charges file d against the officer who killed michael brown and wants prosecutor to step aside. >> the people that don't believe he would do the right thing, they don't have the competence that is n
of michael brown some 11, 12 days ago. anderson just talked to a man by the name of michael brady, his own account. but i have to imagine, and you've been, you know, a journalist for a number of years, knowing that there have to be other people who have witnessed this shooting and they are just simply not coming forward, because they're afraid. >> yeah. we spoke to a witness much like anderson spoke to -- he said, listen, i saw some of it, he hea i heard the shots and as i got there i saw sort of the aftermath and what was happening after. and there were people there already there with their cameras, already out there on the street. and i know some of those people. they have not been interviewed by police. because they are afraid of the police. they don't want to get involved. and also they don't want the media attention. but quite frankly, the number one thing they say to me is, they're afraid of the they don't want any retaliation from the police. because of the interaction that they have had so far. they just don't want to get involved. and i mean, that's a sad statement about kind of t
, michael brown. eyewitness accounts differ widely on what led to that shooting. but today, the attorney general, back in d.c. said, quote, he personally understands why so many people are angry. >> the national outcry we have seen speaks to a sense of mistrust and mutual suspicion that can take hold in the relationship between law enforcement and certain communities. i wanted the people of ferguson to know i personally understood that mistrust. i wanted them to know that while so much else may be uncertain, this attorney general and this department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> the attorney general has vowed the feds investigation will be both independence and thorough. let's go to mike tobin who has been there since the beginning, live in ferguson. mike, so the governor is now pulling out the national guard. >> reporter: yeah, it's interesting. you never saw guardsmen down here at the demonstrations. their duties were restricted to a security at the command center which is a little more than half a mile up the road. but the very fact that they were here in ferguson
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